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'Shot' by metal bolt to the head

Our client was sorting metal scrap at the reprocessing plant where he worked.  He was felled without warning by a huge blow to the back of his head, suffering a major skull fracture and being airlifted to a neurological unit in Plymouth, where his life was saved by immediate surgery.  

Investigation showed that he had been hit by a bolt that had sheared off the jib of a crane elsewhere in the yard, when the crane operator carelessly caused it to hit a metal stanchion.  Incredibly, the bolt had shot across the yard, penetrated our client’s hard hat, and still managed to fracture his skull and penetrate the brain. He suffered two epileptic fits shortly after surgery, but fortunately did not develop long-term epilepsy. 

He gradually recovered from difficulties with memory, speech and concentration and was eventually awarded £50,000 in compensation. 

Head Injury Compensation

If you or someone close to you has suffered a head injury and you need some help about what to do, with no pressure and entirely free of charge, please ring or email the leader of our head injury team, Mike Clarke.

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