Compensation for a fractured skull

Our client has received six-figure compensation for a fractured skull

He was working as a young engineer when he suffered 22 separate skull fractures as a result of his head being crushed by heavy machinery. 

The accident resulted in him losing the sight in one eye. He also had to have extensive surgery, including urgent work to repair a potentially fatal leak of cerebro-spinal fluid which had gone undetected by his consultants for nearly three years after the accident. 

He was left with significant disability, reduced intellectual function and memory, total loss of sense of taste and smell, and psychiatric problems.  

We agreed to take on his claim for compensation for a fractured skull and the extensive financial consequences of the accident. Because we were willing to work on a No Win, No Fee basis our client did not have to fund the legal costs and was not at risk if his claim did not succeed.

The compensation claim was brought against his employers. Their insurance company quickly accepted legal resposibility for the accident. It was then a question of agreeing on a suitale sum of compensation for a fractured skull and the financial impact on our client’s life; not just now but also in the future.

Compensation in serious head injury cases is assessed on the basis of expert medical reports. We therefore arranged for our client to be examined by some of the country’s leading medical experts. The reports we obtained were then used by us to prepare a detailed and comprehensive schedule of the losses our client had suffered as a result of his accident. this included compensation for lost earnings, medical care and of course the ‘pain and suffering’ of the injury itself.

On the basis of this evidence we were able to negotiate a six figure out of court settlement for him.

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Compensation for a fractured skull